I give private lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, and viola in the Cedar Mill and nearby neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon.

I am a member of the Oregon Music Teachers’ Association and for interested students I offer Syllabus preparation in both classical and jazz piano. For strings I offer limited Syllabus preparation.

Once a year in May I host a formal recital at my home. All students are encouraged to participate.

For times of the week when I am not available in my private practice, I may have times available through Keys to Life Music School, where I have taught part-time since the fall 2018 session.

You can reach out to me via my contact page or using any information I may have included in an ad. Below is my full resume.


I have taught guitar, piano, violin and viola full-time for the past 5 years, supplemented by 2 full-time years at the start of my career, and 13 part-time years in the intervening time. I am a member in good standing of the Oregon Music Teacher’s Association.


Teaching is of central importance in my career. I believe that we musicians have inherited a priceless tradition, and that the most significant thing we can do as musicians is to pass on the skills, knowledge, and joy of music to later generations. As such I have been teaching my entire adult life, and teaching full-time for the past five years. My aim with each student is to cultivate a fruitful balance of technical, interpretive, and creative skills.


Piano:Over 30 years of study, mostly with private teachers. Highest level MTAC Certificate of Merit in Piano earned in 1993 (California equivalent of the OMTA Syllabus program). Classical focus through 1995 (to age 18); jazz and pop styles since. Principal focus in recent years has been jazz and funk.

Guitar: Over 30 years of study with private teachers. Classical focus from 1998 to 2000; jazz and pop styles since. Principal focus in recent years has been jazz, funk, country, folk, pop and rock.

Violin and viola: Approximately 20 years of study, beginning in college. Classical focus in college later expanding to folk styles, principally traditional Irish music, Klezmer, and Old-Time.

Other studies: College studies included extensive coursework in functional harmonic analysis, sight-singing & solfege, jazz improvisation, jazz arranging, orchestra and small ensemble playing, composition. Casual studies of mandolin, banjo, bass guitar, ukulele, saxophone, singing, and drums.


Private guitar, piano and bowed strings teacher, San Francisco Bay Area and Portland, 2013 – Present

·       Craft individual lesson plans for up to 35 weekly students.

·       Create materials where published materials are insufficient to students’ needs.

·       Balance student's technical skills, reading skills, and ability to play without printed materials, which may consist of playing material by heart, improvising, or both. Lessons also advance theory concepts and music appreciation.

·       Balance students’ interest in learning specific material (e.g., favorite songs) with material that will advance their skills and knowledge.

·       Prepare interested students for the OMTA Syllabus evaluations in classical piano, jazz piano, and strings.

·       Work with parents to ensure students are advancing skills and retaining interest.

·       Work with a wide range of ages, age 4 to adults.

·       Run the entire business supporting the teaching, from marketing to accounting duties.

Keys to Life, Portland and Beaverton, fall 2018 to the present


  • All skills and duties as in my private practice, above, with the exception of running the business. Up to 15 weekly students.

Guitar Center, Portland and Beaverton, summer 2018


·       Worked with students booked and scheduled by the store staff, mostly one-time adult students.

·       Seeing new students from week to week presented the additional challenge of quickly ascertaining what they would most benefit from learning, and presenting it to them.

Sound Roots School of Modern Music Summer Rocks! Camp, Portland, August 2018

·       Taught two one-week sessions which ran from 8:30 to 3:30 each day.

·       Each week I was assigned a “band” of 6 students, roughly grouped by age.

·       I led each band in selecting or writing 2-3 songs to perform at a big show at the end of the week.

·       Other activities and topics taught: creating a band name; creating a poster; the art of negotiation and compromise; musicianship; ensemble skills; leadership skills; performance skills; instrument skills.

 Music department tutor, Cabrillo College, CA 2001-2003

·       As a high-achieving recent student, I was employed to assist music majors with their coursework.


Software: Proficient with Ableton Live 10, Logic Pro X, Reaper 5, Sibelius 7, MuseScore 2, Notion 6, MuseScore, Kontakt 5, Guitar Rig 5, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks. Some training on ProTools.

Recording engineering: Built and maintained a private recording studio in Martinez, CA with two business partners from 2013 to 2018. Undertook extensive studies paired with simultaneous practical experience in engineering and mixing. Developed knowledge of microphones and recording techniques, developed basic studio skills, and learned how to determine appropriate approaches for the style of music (or other audio) being recorded in light of the client’s vision.


Borrowed Trouble, a jazz-funk trio: produced and engineered all recordings and am co-writer on all original material. Ongoing project since 2013. Available on streaming services and at borrowedtrouble.com.

Baby Tiger, a downtempo electronica project: as a solo electronica project, I write, produce and engineer all tracks, and do all publicity and marketing. Ongoing project since 2016. Available on streaming services and at babytigerbeats.com.

Send Me Word When You Get Back: a Kickstarter-funded solo album of chamber folk released under my own name in early 2018. This album was conceived as a continuous 10-movement classical piece, and was written and recorded in the Martinez studio mentioned above. Available on streaming services and at jeremyhatch.com.


Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA 1995-1997; 2000-2002.

Music major with focus on piano performance and jazz improvisation.