Send Me Word When You Get Back

Thank you for visiting my brand new website!

Today is an exciting day. This morning I finished demoing out my first full-length album, which now has the working title Send Me Word When You Get Back. It has been a long process getting to this point. I started writing songs and guitar compositions back in 2011, but back then the material suggested no obvious direction to me. Although I knew I had done interesting and strong work, I didn't have sufficient experience, knowledge, equipment, or, frankly, skill, to realize the music in any kind of compelling way. So I set it all aside for another time.

Five years later, that time has arrived. In the meantime I've done and learned a lot. In 2012, I wrote and released a solo EP, Shatter Me, Shelter Me, and started playing solo shows like crazy, learning how to perform. (Right now I am pulling the EP from distribution because I plan to re-record all of those songs on future albums.) In 2013, I moved away from the complex and quieter material I'd been doing solo, towards more direct and uptempo music -- blues and country -- and before the summer was over I had formed a backing band and gradually stopped doing solo shows, performing only with the band.

Over the next two years we played a LOT of shows, including a west coast tour in 2015, and we evolved into a real band -- by which I mean a full-fledged songwriting partnership -- with a wildly different sound. Our starting point, the acoustic Americana sound, turned into an acoustic blues sound, which became an electric blues and rock sound, which became a blues, rock and soul sound, which started to include funky jams, and eventually the funky jams dominated our shows completely. We decided to honor that direction, and today Borrowed Trouble is best described as a mixture of funk and jazz. This development freed me up to reclaim all the material I had written for the band in those two years, and decide what to do with it, if anything.

Over this time we had also slowly built up an array of starter recording equipment and began developing our recording skills, creating a home recording studio right in our practice space. I took courses on recording and mixing, and learned an enormous amount by trial and error. Some of those recordings may yet be released under this project in fact, and my song "One Last Shot" is an excellent example of the work we were doing in those days.

All this brings me back to Send Me Word When You Get Back. For some six months after Borrowed Trouble officially chose its new path, I kicked around different ideas as to what to do with this solo project, since I had at least 30 finished songs and hundreds of sketches and given the diversity of material there was no clear way forward. So for several months I spent almost all my time on this project simply organizing everything I had ever tossed into my songwriting folders since 2011. (A process which is not yet complete, in fact.) That process eventually brought me to reconsider my first works. In the intervening five years I had single-mindedly improved my skills as a guitarist, as a singer, as a performer, and as a recording engineer, and listening back to these songs and instrumentals, I realized that I now knew how to arrange and present each one so it would be compelling, and I quickly arrived at a vision of what I could do with them.

That vision is now half way to being realized, and I want to use this space not just to announce news in that realm but also to make some notes on the recording process and the shows I've got lined up: seven of them starting May 29th. I hope you'll be following along the way.